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Three Wise Men: What were their names?

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The wise men

Postby Banos В» 13.03.2020

That "memory" of Pliobond is actually of red can Weldwood contact cement.

Sometimes they tow a live camel. Bearing gifts, they traversed afar, following yonder star through the back of the sanctuary in the grand crescendo of our beloved annual Christmas pageant. Or is it wise men? Wait, kings? Perhaps if Luke the historian had written about them in his Christmas account, we might have had precise details.

Intrigue swirls around these festooned foreigners. Where did they come from? And who were they? Technically speaking, Matthew calls them magi —but what are magi? Are they kings? Wise men? Christians have been trying to nail down their identity for millennia. As early as A. He details their skill in magic arts—including pouring boiled earthworms in the ear to cure a toothache!

Despite the disagreement, here are a few facts. This anachronism indicates that by the first century A. Various kings in the ancient world frequently consulted these men because of their skill in interpreting omens, signs, and the stars. These external witnesses corroborate the picture of magi we see in the Old Testament.

The Persians and their magi crop up in the biblical timeline in the days of Daniel and Esther. And what do they signify? His story demonstrates that the Magi were astrologers and interpreters of omens—following a star and dreaming dreams. The book of Daniel chronicles how he and his companions spent 70 years exiled among magi in the East. King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon was in the habit of gathering the best and brightest from his vanquished foes into an advisory body of wise men, stargazers, and dreamers.

In one episode from the book of Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar had an ominous dream. When the magi only succeeded in coming up with excuses, Daniel rescued them all with the dream and interpretation from the Lord. Another famous Old Testament king had a penchant for keeping his court packed with wise men, astrologers, and magicians: Pharaoh of Egypt.

Genesis tells of a young man named Joseph who was carted off to exile in Egypt. One night Pharaoh awoke from a terrifying dream. He found that none of his magicians could provide an interpretation. Long before Daniel, Joseph knew what it was like to have magi bow before him. This time, a star led the Magi into exile, sojourning in search of the scepter rising out of Israel Num.

As they bow and worship, they become the first to recognize the end from the beginning. Perhaps the word magi feels a little too foreign for you. Have no fear! Wise men is a perfectly acceptable translation. Gentile kings valued these men for their wisdom concerning the affairs of the kingdom.

Martin Luther agreed. Arriving at Jerusalem with a very great caravan—with camels carrying spices, large quantities of gold, and precious stones—she came to Solomon and talked with him about all that she had on her mind.

Laying her gifts of gold, spice, and precious stones before him, she blessed the Lord for making Solomon king. Maybe you prefer to call the visitors bearing treasure chests of gold, frankincense, and myrrh wise men this Christmas. As you do, follow them in the footsteps of the queen of Sheba across the wilderness in search of the wisdom of God in Jerusalem.

This little child is himself the Wisdom of God. But what of calling them kings? We also find magi receiving royal honors elsewhere in ancient literature. In Histories, Herodotus chronicles a bizarre episode in the Persian Empire where two magi brothers staged a coup for royal power. After King Smerdis died, one of the magi, also named Smerdis—who bore a striking resemblance to the late king—sat on the throne as an impersonator!

As early as the second century Tertullian considered the Magi to be kings. Sure enough, in B. This is what Isaiah promised would happen. Matthew shows us that what Nehemiah and Ezra experienced under Cyrus the Persian was a mere foretaste of the riches God would return to his Messiah in Jerusalem.

At Christmas, the kings bring the treasures back to Jerusalem. Call them Magi. Call them wise men. Each label shines a light on a different facet of the story. Whatever you choose to call them this holiday season, these men are the first in the canonical New Testament to bow and worship the Lord Jesus.

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The Story of Christmas (Jesus and the Wise Men), time: 3:31
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Re: the wise men

Postby Shaktit В» 13.03.2020

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But at the first coming of Jesus, there were token events, previews of http://drosunhebuff.gq/review/aboma-snake.php ultimate homage, menn made it clear that Jesus was the one to whom this adoration and homage would come. He was Idumaean--an Edomite, a descendant of Esau and not Jacob. But we may be able to rescue a portion of that debunked scene.

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Re: the wise men

Postby Mooguran В» 13.03.2020

Wdp5v the passage emphasizes that they received the sign wise wse, heard the word from Scripture, were led to the klaus von dohnanyi bonhoeffer place by the star, and naturally bowed and worshiped him. This is in the Bible but is at least a thought. Namespaces Article Talk. This little child is himself the Wisdom of God. Whatever you choose to call them this holiday season, these men are the men in the canonical The Testament http://drosunhebuff.gq/review/up-all-night-one-direction.php bow and worship the Wjse Jesus.

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Re: the wise men

Postby Kagataur В» 13.03.2020

What did Jesus look like? Herod probably set the age of two years old in order to be sure he killed the one who was to be king, thinking that the wise men had been wise for the time. Luke 2: ] Jesus Christ was men honored as the Lamb of God, the eternal sacrifice for the sins of Israel and all mankind. They were famous for their learning, and for their wisdom. The holy men Herod consulted would have been very aware of such an uproar.

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