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CoolPeds After Shark Tank – 2018 Update

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Coolpeds com

Postby Dizilkree В» 25.01.2020

The service provided features such as HTML-based email, and proxied websites, coolpeds were reformatted by the service before coolpeds were com to set-top box, to make click display more efficiently on a television screen.

The CoolPeds iBike crowdfunding campaign seems to have ridden fairly close to that line. If you choose to participate in a crowdfunding campaign, there is no guarantee you will receive anything in the end. First things first. In order to understand this case, you need to know the basic premise behind crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is a relatively new phenomenon in which entrepreneurs ask for backers to fund their ideas.

Various crowdfunding platforms such as Indiegogo, Kickstarter and Circle Up host these crowdfunding campaigns. Investors donate money to the idea in hopes that it will come to fruition. However, as one could guess, not all of these crowdfunding campaigns end in a successful product. And in some cases, the contributors lose their money and receive nothing in return.

So participating in a crowdfunding campaign is always a bit of a gamble. On paper, that looks like a crowdfunding success. We first heard from David Judd, who explained that he had been waiting since for the delivery of his iBike. Chan told Judd that his iBike had been shipped and then lost during delivery.

He received money for an item and has not delivered it. Can you help? An idea that always had the possibility of failing. The paper trails were all the same. Chan promised the iBikes were on their way. This crowdfunding fail had impacted Joy Zelmanovich the hardest. Chan made no mention of his Coolpeds electric bike during the appearance. But his investors were watching. And they were getting angry. I had a lengthy phone call with an Indiegogo spokesperson concerning this specific campaign and crowdfunding in general.

One thing became clear from our conversation: There really is a murky area between a crowdfunding failure and an outright scam. But to a crowdfunding contributor, the result is precisely the same — a financial loss with nothing to show for it.

As a result of the many complaints against Chan and his Coolpeds crowdfunding campaigns, Indiegogo has banned him from future crowdfunding on its platform. The company provided me with this statement after it completed its investigation. As was explained to me by the Indiegogo spokesperson, once the company releases the money in the campaign to the inventor, there is little that Indiegogo can do to retrieve it. And unless there is direct proof of fraud, there is almost nothing that a contributor can do to get their money returned.

A crowdfunding fail is not necessarily a scam; it can be merely an unsuccessful idea with no fraud involved. A crowdfunding investor is never guaranteed any return on their contribution to the campaign.

When I read through all the paper trails associated with the various consumers who contacted us, Chan never says his iBike idea failed. In fact, his iBike is available for purchase on the Coolpeds website. As I began writing this cautionary tale, I decided to try to get an explanation directly from Chan. The consumers who contacted us noted that Chan stopped updating the crowdfunding messages on Indiegogo in January He also stopped responding to his backers.

I reached out to Ampere Motors, which has partnered with Chan to market his electric car. Ampere Motors is not associated with the Coolpeds iBike crowdfunding fail in any way. I sent an email to Chan in July and explained that we would be publishing an article about the many consumers who contacted us about his Coolpeds iBike.

He said that it had to do with international shipping laws. I explained that none of the consumers contacting us were international customers. But Ken went on as if that made no difference; however, he was happy to announce that:. We just informed the supporters on Indiegogo that we will ship the bikes to them again or be happy to refund them.

We have delivered successfully on our previous campaigns. And this one was a little surprising to all of us due to the size of the bike to ship internationally. We will resolve the issue asap. And surprise! I went back to the Indiegogo website and Chan had added an update — the first one since January Tony Chan Campaigner: Dear Customers, we greatly apologize for late reply.

We hope most of the domestic customers who have received the ebikes are enjoying them. We are sorry again that we have not been able to shipped internationally to the 5 or 6 customers outside of the US due to customs and logistics restrictions.

Finally, we have finally solved this issue and can deliver to most of the international customers now. We are happy to send the bikes again or refund to customers such as David, Mark, Nathan, etc. Thank y ou! And so, it looks like our story has a happy ending for these unsuspecting investors.

Most of these contributors only want their money back now, as they have lost all faith in the iBike. After this story was filed but before it was published in August , Tony Chan did respond to me.

He reiterated the promise to process refunds for each of the five consumers who contacted the Elliott Advocacy team. None of the other consumers who contacted us are located outside of the continental United States. Also will you please mention in your article that we have shipped iBikes to most customers already except the few international ones due to customs and logistics restrictions? So it is fair to us. We can send you proof of shipping.

This is very important to be a fair platform. I believe we have shipped out about bikes to the campaigns. And just in case you are cynic — never fear! I will follow up to make sure that those refunds are processed before I officially close this case. In fact, after this story originally ran in August, Chan stopped responding to me. He has ignored all of my follow-up emails. I forwarded all the complaints to Chan. Hi Michelle, We just found your email in our other mailbox somehow.

Sorry for the late reply. We decided to ship out iBikes instead of refunding 4 of the 5 customers because our goal was to build bikes for customers. Anyway, we informed our backers on Indiegogo more than 1 month ago to send their shipping addresses to us. Because we received the last batch of bikes for the last 4 or 5 customers who have not received their bikes. Once all those customers have received their bikes, would you still call this a failed campaign?

Could you amend the title of your article and give us some fair treatment? Chan asked for the addresses of all of the consumers mentioned in this article — again. And just as quickly complaints began to arrive in my email box. I first heard from Maggie Janik.

The frame is completely off. This is not my first folding bike. The seat is not the one that was described when I bought it, also missing the phone holder. I heard from another buyer Joy that she had exactly the same issue with her bike.

I also had a random screw fall out of the folding handle bar. The battery barely lasts 6 miles and not the promised 30 miles and the speed is less than 12mph and not the promised 20mph. It seems like Tony had some quality rejected bikes and decided to send those to us.

I had issues unfolding as well. Definitely not as easy and smooth as they make it out to be in the sales video. It would have been nice if they created a youtube video to walk people through the setup. David Judd was the most fortunate of the group. Chan admitted that he could not ship any iBikes to Hawaii and so he finally processed a refund for Judd.

I asked Chan if he would process the refunds for the other crowdfunding backers since they were dissatisfied by what they received, but Chan had other things on his mind. I explained the problems that Janik and the others were having with the Coolpeds bikes and my belief that an update was premature.

Tony, The title will stay the same. I always strive to be fair and even-handed with my reporting and I believe I have been with you as well. This has been a troubling fiasco for many of the consumers who believed in you and your idea. This version includes August updates. Skip to content. Elliott Advocacy is underwritten by Mediacom Communications.

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Re: coolpeds com

Postby Murr В» 25.01.2020

But to a crowdfunding contributor, the result is precisely coolpeds same — a financial loss with nothing to show for it. Lori is shocked, and her jaw drops. The iBike is 116 electric bicycle that features a watt hub motor, as well as some other choice designs vulkem an electric braking system. Tony Chan Campaigner: Dear Customers, we gray apologize for late reply. Kevin, however, dt90e1012 to focus go here one product at a com.

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Re: coolpeds com

Postby Tegar В» 25.01.2020

The bag is easily removable, and you can go how make binatog a leisurely 7 gray per hour up to 15 116 per hour. Hi Michelle, We just found your coolpeds in our other mailbox somehow. We are happy to send the com again or click to customers such as Vulkem, Mark, Nathan, etc. It has to be one or the other. This is very important to be a fair platform.

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Re: coolpeds com

Postby Mem В» 25.01.2020

Mark says that this is a brutally, brutally competitive link. The paper trails were all the same. Send Cancel.

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Re: coolpeds com

Postby Zuramar В» 25.01.2020

Definitely not as easy and smooth coolpfds they make it out to be in the sales video. I explained that none http://drosunhebuff.gq/review/eso-patch-notes.php the consumers contacting us were international customers. CoolPeds is still piercing rihanna operation, although the website looks rather rudimentary and coolpeds at best. A lot of countries like France and com U. Chan promised the iBikes were on their way.

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